Mexico Prep Time

In order to get organized for our upcoming trip to Cancun (T-3), I went over to Depot’s apartment last night so we could discuss details and she could feed me.  I arrived sporting two lovely bottles of Ontario Whites and Depot shockingly questioned the need for two bottles – hello, have you met either of us?  One bottle of wine each on a Tuesday is pretty par for the course. 

We enjoyed a lovely dinner prepared by her massive body guard-esque boyfriend, and started to get down to the details.  What do we need to pack?

  • Sunscreen.  Lots of it.  Hopefully Depot won’t come home with half of her skin missing this time.
  • Zinc, for Depot’s nose.  Poor tortured burnt to crispy hell, peeled and burnt again nose.
  • Polysporin.  Because, you know, anyone could fall down the stairs backwards and end up with mysterious ball shaped burn marks, despite the fact that the stairs aren’t carpeted.  We need to be prepared for curious injuries.
  • Books & Magazines.  Regardless of the fact that I read approximately two articles in my Toronto Life magazine last time we hit Cancun, we’ll still travel armed with reading material.
  • Sunglasses.  14 pairs between us.  Why not.
  • Sans Pants.  While this technically isn’t an item ‘to pack’ it’s worth noting that this is definitely a No Pants vacation!

    Sans Pants!

We then made a quick trip to Hell a.k.a. the Rogers store, to see if we could get any Communication advice for our trip.  When we reached the counter, I told Depot I’d handle this and launched into our problem:

Okay, so we’re going to Mexico for a week on Saturday.  Just the two of us.  We are a bit spazzy and are worried about losing track of each other on the resort and in the nightclubs, so we want to be able to text while we’re down there.  Problem is, we both also have a tendency to lose our phones, so we need to use crappy back ups.  Are there any pay-as-you-go plans for Morons?”

Think of the Tan Lines!

The Rogers guy was actually surprisingly helpful, I think he pitied us. After much discussion though, I think we’ve decided to put on our Big Girl Panties and just try to stick together – and assign meeting places for ‘just in case’. 

We returned back to Depot’s apartment intending to get back on task, but instead worked our way through both bottles of wine, had some Laundry lessons, giggled a lot on the balcony, and planned a fake bachelorette for Depot on our trip.  Wish us luck, we might need it!



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2 responses to “Mexico Prep Time

  1. Kat

    This post made me laugh out loud. Actually most of them do so I guess that’s not really anything new. Too bad boyfriend won’t be on the trip. I could see fun ahead with him playing bodyguard and you two making use of all those pairs of sunglasses!

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