Dirty Madlibs

Ashbridge's Bay Boardwalk

After a lovely dinner on the town, I went for a walk on the Beach Boardwalk last night with Jessica and Tigger.  We were reminiscing about how the Boardwalk used to seem so hip and downtown to us, and we used to drive all the way from our ‘burb to wander along the beach and get up to no good.  Somehow this lead to a conversation of other inappropriate things we had gotten up too has kids, and whether or not we’d ever fessed up to our parents.  Luckily, I enjoy a great relationship with both of my parents and have mostly (Hi Mom!) admitted to the content of my troublemaking:

  • Remember how I told you that I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and there was a spider on the wall and I kicked it, and that’s how the hole ended up in my shower wall?  Actually Kimberly got drunk and passed out – it was her head that caused that hole.  This was Win/Win, I didn’t get in trouble, and you got to complete a much needed renovation!
  • Remember how I told you both that we were studying handwriting in class and I would need copies of both of your signatures?  Never trust a child, if you turned the paper over you would realize you had been signing away your acknowledgment of my failed term paper.
  • I didn’t go to class more than 50% of the time in highschool… and most of University.  I have my BBA now, and a solid career,  so drop it.

While joking about these old stories we somehow stumbled across the memory of MadLibs – remember that silly yet hilarious word game where you have to fill in a series of words that substitute for blanks in a short story?  As kids you generally try to pick verbs, nouns and adjectives that will end up making the story very suggestive or downright lewd, because that’s so much more fun right?  Being the technical whiz that I am I hopped on my iPhone and googled ‘Dirty Mad Libs’- lo and behold, I find the genius of dirtymadlibs.com.


As we continued our saunter along the Boardwalk, I prompted both Jessica and Tigger for Comparative Adjectives, Pieces of Furniture and Body Parts.  Our end result, which I read aloud despite the many passers-by, had us in complete stitches.  Some highlights from the Nancy, Jessica and Tigger Madlib titled ‘Our First Time’:

  • “We had porkedeachother”


  • “He sniffed me on his park bench
  • “I felt through his flip flop and started rubbing his boob
  • “I ripped off his scarf and schpants”

Sometimes reminiscing just makes you want to be a kid again 🙂



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4 responses to “Dirty Madlibs

  1. Jessica

    love the schpants photo!!!

    haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time…….

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