Little Ms. Chatterbox Strikes Again!

Two of my girlfriends from highschool and I all celebrate our birthday in the summer, and we have a tradition of having one birthday dinner as a group to celebrate.  Last night was our 2011 scheduled birthday dinner and I was excited to catch up with my friends.  Cherie is newly engaged and Bianca is already married, we are starting to sound like real adults!  Since Cherie lives in the west end of the city and both B and I work downtown, we decided to carpool out together so we had more time to catch up. 

 Knowing that Bianca and her Husband Tempy are already married and settled into their new home with their three pets, its inevitable that a happy announcement would eventually be on its way.  When I leapt into the car I immediately eyed B’s belly, nope no sign there!  Still, I didn’t want to ruin any ‘surprise’ planned so I spent the next HOUR (worst Toronto traffic ever) chatting up a storm and carefully only asking Bianca about her Husband, her Family and her Pets, never anything about her. 

When we finally got to the restaurant, we were a bit early so Cherie told us to grab a table on the patio.  As we were waiting for our table, Bianca and I sidled up to the bar to grab a drink.  Well, I grabbed a Beer and Bianca perused the menu.  Before she was able to order, we were led to our table and got lost in drooling over the menu.  Finally the waitress showed up and Bianca ordered a Perrier.  Curious.  I decided to sail right past that and continued talking poor B’s ear off about anything and everything that came to mind – thankfully she’s known me a lifetime and expects this from me regardless.

I have to admit, now that I have a pile of friends that have Mothered offspring, its hard not to just ruin everything and say ‘You’re Pregnant!!’  I managed to contain myself until Cherie arrived  – with her Pint already sitting on the table as she’d called ahead to order (typical behaviour expected from all three of us).  Thankfully, Bianca only waited for the most basic greetings were over to blurt out her exciting news, coupled with the fact that her chest has already increased one cup size! Bravo! 

So Cherie is getting married, Bianca already is and is now planning the next generation of trouble makers, and I bought a house.. with my two husbands.  None of this is shocking 🙂



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3 responses to “Little Ms. Chatterbox Strikes Again!

  1. oh my! Auntie Sarah!

    Things are going to change mighty fast over the next few years! Should be fun!

  2. Were you saying “Bravo!” for the baby news or for the increase in cup size?

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