I would say No

As the end of Summer is drawing to a close (NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!) it’s the time of year that the interns at my office have their last few weeks before bidding us adieu and returning to their respective campuses to imbibe in Frosh week fun.  In order to celebrate the end of summer with them, and convince them that working is just as fun as partying at University (False. False. False.), we take all the Interns and their Coaches – including Coach Nancy – out for an evening of fun an frivolity starting off at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.

For those of you that have never experienced the wonder of Medieval Times, I highly suggest checking it out.  Why, you ask? Because you get to drink beer, eat with your hands, call your server a Wench and hoot and holler at an imaginary competition.  Its all very corny.  I also suspect that the staff members are amongst the most awkward and nerdy people in their real lives, and relish their jobs as the only time they can be their true selves. Judgemental Nancy aside, they get really into their roles.  Makes me giggle.

Anywho, prior to be lead into the arena for dinner, donned with a crown matching the colour of your knight for the evening, there is a bit of a spectacle in the gathering room.  Normally the King and Queen come out and are announced, the general tone of the evening is set, and you get a bit of ‘background’ on the Medieval community you are now the Lords and Ladys of.  This is also a great time to pose for group photos with your brand new crowns and souvenir flashing cups! 

On our night out, we were treated to a special show in the gathering room, with two people being invited up to the stage with the King and Queen.  I wasn’t paying too much attention, because I was focused on ordering my beer (they had Steam Whistle!! Win!), but I heard a sudden gasp in the crowd and whipped around just in time to witness a young man down on one knee, with a ring.  WWwwhhhhaaaaatttt? Proposing at Medieval Times?  I. Would. Die. And then say No.   However, the Young Lady on the stage practically squealed with excitement before shouting yes, pulling her man up from his knees and leaping into his awaiting arms.  W. T. F.? It takes all kinds, folks.

The young couple looked like they were on cloud nine, wearing their Red crowns as they were lead into the Arena.  We were lucky enough (..sarcasm? I’m not even sure) to be sitting in the same section as the pair, so we got to watch them enjoy their first meal together as an Engaged couple.  I couldn’t wipe the confused look off my face, but eventually just settled into ignoring them and wondering if my standards are possibly too high? Nope, Medieval Times Proposals are a dealbreaker for me, 100%.

Funnily enough, the couple only received a small reception from the crowd when they were announced by the King while, after some initial confusion about what a group of interns was, we received some mighty cheering.  I guess I’m not the only one in the crowd who would have said No.

Also a NO


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One response to “I would say No

  1. I can imagine the madam sadam look of confusion!
    I actually think Medieval Times is cool, like the falcon!!!!

    But, the only way I’d say “yes” to that kind of proposal is if I asked to be perfectly surprised at my engagement.

    That would definitely be asurprise.

    I love watching engagements happen!

    I’ve seen two, one a roller coaster, and one in a restaurant where the girl said no.

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