Party like its 1981

In honour of Jillian’s 30th birthday, we partied it up 80’s style in a big way on Saturday night.  I’ve never been one to balk at a costume opportunity, so I spent that few weeks prior gathering my Neons, Metallics, Shoulder Pads, and as many Pearl Necklaces as possible.  Some of this was easier said than done, as I still have many boxes yet to be unpacked – and still am slightly clueless about where I’ve placed items that have already found their new homes.  I think the resulting outfit was a win!


Not Pictured:

  • Single pink Legwarmer
  • Blue Eye shadow
  • Decent sized Shoulder Pads
  • Pink Metallic Pointy Toed Slingbacks (Yup, those were already in my collection)
  • Obnoxious Flowery mini dress
  • Glitter, lots and lots of Glitter

I think I managed to pull off a cross between Blossom and Madonna – if I’d found my black bedazzled driving gloves and added some lace arm bands, it would have screamed Madonna.  Jillian pulled off a Neon jazzercise-esque ensemble which include a sheer pink long sleeved dress, blue leggings and a yellow skirt.  We were quite the pair, and clearly the costume winners of the night (no surprise there!).

The evening was a smashing good time, which left me with a smashing headache and a distinctly vacant expression all day Sunday.  I’m still suffering in my claves from standing around in heels – and stumbling down College Street swearing at cab drivers that wouldn’t take credit payment.  Was very Déjà vu from an 80’s Prom Bachelorette I went to years ago – gotta love raging around the streets of TO with teased hair looking like a crazed (but oddly fashionable) homeless woman.  My hair may never be the same again, I’ve hidden the rat’s nest left behind from all the backcombing in a bun for the last two days.  I’m pretty sure masking the problem with more pins and hairspray is likely only making things worse.



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2 responses to “Party like its 1981

  1. You were definitely blossom/material girl.
    I was actually like, ” I would dress like that today”

    You were definitely more stylish!!! A natural look fo ryou. Also love your”Private Eyes”

    I will have to get my pictures organized and send you some!

  2. I would ‘maybe’ wear parts of the outfit today – likely would ditch the one legwarmer and would aim for SLIGHTLY less backcombing 😉

    Glad you liked the Private Eyes thing.. Trying to draw shades on my picture was totally not working for me 😉

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