I’m a bit of an obsessive vacationer.  Who isn’t though, right?  I spend a huge amount of my waking hours planning and researching upcoming vacations, reviewing photos from vacations past, and carefully totting up how best to allot my vacation days in the coming year.  Today alone of I’ve checked prices for a Vegas trip I’m taking in October, tried to find the best flights for an upcoming work trip (staring longingly at the Business Class fare), and researched the hell out of a Baltic cruise the Francis family will be taking next May.  Along with the Baltic adventure, I’m trying to figure out if I can also fit in a visit with Brown Squirrel in Thailand, an Oktoberfest mission with my friend Peanut in the fall and at least one sunny destination with Tigger into my 2012 calendar.  It’s a time consuming and expensive habit.

Due to my seemingly constant vacationing I get a lot of flak at work for ‘never being in the office’, which I find very strange – I get the same vacation days as everyone else, right? I think my exceptional planning skills help me to use each vacation to the absolute maximum. Which is exactly what vacation days are for in my opinion.

Likely the most obnoxious part of my love of vacationing would be that use these trips as milestone markers, so I refer to past trips constantly:

  • No, Tigger, that was three cruises ago
  • I haven’t worn that outfit since the second Cancun trip
  • I hate that photo, I was totally in my Spain weight
  • My sunglasses are as old as our last trip to Hawaii

Why use seasons or years to mark the passing of time?  I pretty much always have some variety of Vacation countdown on the go and relish watching the numbers slide down the scale.

 16 days until Nancy and Depot take on Cancun part Deux!! This time sans supervision, should be interesting.



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5 responses to “Vacationing

  1. we’d better get to the gym!!!

  2. Brown Squirrel

    WOW… Nancy and Brown squirrel in the land of Thai ! Oh me, oh my!!!

  3. Jessica

    You forgot to mention that you force your friends to plan their birthday parties months in advance so you can fit them in, in between your million vacation plans…!!!!

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