Conversation Fail

Normally, Jillian and I are excellent communicators – especially with eachother.  While I may be more interested in the minute details of every plan we make, Jillan and I are both equally adept at planning and communicating said plan with eachother.

Saturday at the Beer Festival was an entirely different story – clearly with the amount of Beer and Sunshine we were consuming, our ability to communicate in general practically vanished.

For your reading pleasure – a series of texts mostly aimed at trying to locate eachother on the Festival grounds: (spelling and grammar mistakes left in tact!)

Nancy: R U here?!

Jillian: Yes amazing

Jillian: R u in the beer mrkt?

Nancy: Mo at mill street

Jillian: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!bbb

Nancy: Ooopoopoovggghh

Jillian: Key tont it

Nancy: What!

Jillian: Keystine but now yeloow tents

Nancy: And now?!

Nancy: Ou est tu?!

Jillian: We are at the oldest brewery

Jillian: Peeing

Nancy: We r here too!!!

Jillian: Oyster boy booth 53

Nancy: Where is that????

I believe we both made some solid effort to locate eachother (although we did see eachother several times thoughout this thread) – but I think the funniest part is that our sobriety seems to flip flop.  Jillian clearly struggled with the keypad at the beginning of the day, but then found her strength and even told me the tent number (pshh.. who uses that map anyway!?).  Whereas I seemed to lose my way later in the day.

Gotta love Beer Fest!



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4 responses to “Conversation Fail

  1. I was peeing at the oldest brewery?

    hahaha… gross….

  2. Haha.. well they were two separate texts, I’m assuming you ‘were’ at the oldest brewery then went to pee. Which seemed to be the case because when we found said ‘oldest brewery’ I saw Mr. Moustache first and then saw you kareening your way back from the port-o-lets 😉

  3. Jessica

    They have maps at the beer festival? Never seen or heard of a map in the 5 years I attended….oops!

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