Birthday with the Stars (sort of..)

A few weeks ago at our Housewarming, someone pointed out that our friend Officer looks a lot like Dallas Green (of City and Colour and Alexisonfire fame).  He was not way off, as Officer does sport a similar pattern of facial hair and dark, thick rimmed glasses – but that’s where the similarities end for me. 

Funnily enough, a guy that looked a hell of a lot like Dallas Green walked by me at lunch today and sat at the table to my right.  I was trying to surreptitiously get a closer look at the character when a pretty blonde took the seat next to him.  A Ha! It was Leah Miller, Dallas Green’s wife and plastic surgery victim du jour. 

Despite the fact that I truly dislike Ms. Miller (or is that Mrs. Green?), and really don’t hold much of a candle for Dallas, I was enraptured by the pair.  Celebrities (even of the D List, Canadian Variety), go to restaurants like normal people too?  I wonder if they’ll order the same thing I did?  I wonder if Leah noticed my shoes?

In the midst of my star struck haze, I was also made to feel like a complete vapid pop-culture leach by my table of coworkers who all proclaimed to have never heard of either person.  Now, I realize Leah is practically unrecognizable these days – but your average Canadian would probably still remember her from her Much Music VJ days, or her more recent stints on So You Think You Can Dance Canada and eTalk. What about City and Colour, or AlexisonFire? Whatever, they’re just old – although one was actually younger then me and the oldest is barely double digits ahead.

Or.. maybe they were trying to make me feel young and ‘in the know’ since I’ve got a bit of the Birthday Blues?  Tomorrow I’m officially one year from 30… and 11 years from 40.  Oh well, 29 is the new 21 right? Or maybe that was the new black.


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  1. 29 is only the new 21 when you get so much plastic surgery you look like a female panter.


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