Finally, the move is over. After a month of pre-move packing and prep, a day of self-moving, an eight hour marathon move with the professionals and five days of configuring and unpacking, we’re in. Official residents of Leslieville, woohoo!

The new house was an absolute maze of boxes this past weekend, pretty much an anxiety ridden nightmare. However, box by box, the character of our new home is starting to reveal itself, and we’ve definitely reached a liveable stage. Now comes the fun of nesting into our much larger home.

After all the purging I’ve done of my not so coveted possessions before, during and after the big move, combined with the enormity of my new closet and the addition of a triplet to my dresser collection – you’d think I’d be drowning in extra space. You’d think wrong. Even removing the Closet from the equation, I have an additional 4 drawers to my previous 9 drawer capacity – all of which are now full, and I have yet to unpack all of my clothing. Upon reviewing my drawer layout, I can’t for the life of me figure out how it all fit into only two dressers before. Granted, one (ONE!) drawer has currently been repurposed for excess toiletries and primping essentials but that hardly solves the mystery.

Clearly, I have Goldfish Tendancies – I expand to (and beyond) the area in which I inhabit. I’m almost certain that if I had the whole home to myself, I would find a way to fill every room (eventually) and continue to lament my lack of space. I must be exactly the type of person Blaise Pascal was referring to when he said “The problem with Western man is that he does not know how to be content in an empty room.” I’m neither a man, nor a ‘he’, but story still applies. Empty rooms or extreme minimalism makes me nervous. So does large amounts of cheese, but that’s another story.

The good news is that I’m still happily removing clutter from my little existence and slowly finding my own feng shui in my new space. The plush fuscia chair and the huge Zebra photograph are definitely helping.



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2 responses to “Goldfishing

  1. Perfectly finished with a little home made picture from Jillian.. Just sayin.

  2. Billie’s Busy People got a lot of attention on Saturday!!

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