Me Time

Despite how busy I am with preparing for the upcoming move (moving? What, I haven’t mentioned that? Oh right, I did: here, here, here, here, here, and here) I am still making sure to schedule in some selfish Nancy time. Today alone I will be visiting my waxing specialist and meeting up with Eleanor and Peggy to have our feet pampered, prior to heading out to a wonderful restaurant to celebrate Eleanor’s birthday. I’ve also managed to book in a Reflexology session for tomorrow afternoon – scheduled right before an evening meeting I am dreading at work. I figure this way I will be as serene as possible leading into the terrors that Friday and Saturday will bring. Well, serene might not be the right word, but at least I’ll be mentally and physically prepared in my own way.

If ‘me time’ is considered a selfish endeavour, then I’m one of the most selfish people I know. I’m nothing if not religious in scheduling various appointments to keep up with both maintenance and pure luxury activities. My massage therapist knows my life story and when I told him I was moving, he asked genuinely if I was breaking up with him – of course not, he’s far too good looking. Pedicures, Waxing, Massages, Facials and the odd foot treatment are mandatory maintenance in my opinion. Am I wrong? Thankfully, I’m such a tyrant with my own schedule that it’s not difficult for me to maintain my plethora of engagements. Juggling activities is practically a hobby of mine.

While fretting about the consequences of all my Me time this week when I really should just be packing, it got me thinking about all the extra time and money I would have on my hands if I were, well, lower maintenance. Tigger, for example, gets a $15 dollar hair cut and .. well that’s about it. While I may only get my hair done a maximum of three times a year, it costs me $160 bucks a pop! Meanwhile, I’m loyal to my Stylist from my hometown, so I have to add on two hours of lost travel time every time I need a cut and colour. Now maybe it isn’t fair to compare my own needs with that of a male, but I can’t help but wonder what I’d look like and how I’d feel if I cut all of these little indulgences out of my life. To be honest though, I don’t feel like much of my needs are hyperbolized:

  • Going to the Massage therapist monthly and the Chiro bi-monthy, helps my posture and my general feeling of well being
  • Getting 2-3 facials a year keeps me looking fresh and wards off a plethora of strange skin issues I’m prone to
  • Having my feet buffed and polished helps distract me from how much they hurt the rest of the time
  • Waxing.. well, ok, that’s just a preference

If asked, I would describe myself as Medium Maintenance, but maybe I’m just blind to the amount of maintenance that I consider necessary compared to the next girl? Is it possible that I’ve turned into one of those god awful high maintenance women that are general pain to be around? Well, maybe, but a hot dog and cold can of beer would still make an enjoyable date. So, maybe not.



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3 responses to “Me Time

  1. Might I add;
    – many trips to many clothing shops
    – cosmetics
    – your shoes……..
    – your two electronic devices ; P
    – your fancy gym membership
    – you have a pink accent chair?
    – your love of animal print
    – chignon’s anyone? that doesn’t exactly spell low maintenance.. although it is an easy hair style
    – how many belts does one girl need?
    – can’t kill a spider or bug on her own

    * love you for all of the above.

  2. Touche!

    And I Love you for being able to list off my quirks so quickly!

  3. You are a low maintenance girl trapped in a high maintenance lifestyle.
    I don’t know anyone who is better at planning a date, and being perfectly happy with doing nothing (watching me pack, walking to work, etc.etc)

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