Anxiety 101

I’ll admit that I’m a pretty high strung person at the best of times.  I normally just describe myself as vibrating at a very high frequency – my normal is someone else’s crazy.  However, this whole move thing has been pushing my buttons and sending my nerves into high alert.  The last thing I needed to do was make it worse!

After a wonderful weekend attending a wedding with Korean in small town Ontario, I returned to the apartment and set right into packing mode.  I flicked on the TV to have some background noise, and started to watch an episode of Hoarders – and then two more episodes since it was a marathon stretch before the new season premier.  As it turns out, this is a terrible combination of events! 

During this three hour stretch my chest was getting tight, I was developing short breath and my packing was becoming erratic and unorganized – not my usual M.O.  I guess watching people with serious hoarding issues, that have to walk around piles of ‘stuff’ that has essentially turned their house into a maze while trying to pack up a lifetime worth of stuff and navigating through your own maze of full/empty boxes is maybe not so good for the psyche.  I actually had to give myself a time out.  I’m sure my heart rate was abnormally high, and I appeared both flushed and clammy.  After some quick Wikipedia research, it appears as though I was in the beginning stages of a Panic attack.  Awesome.

Once I realized where my anxiety was coming from (not my own apartment or packing tasks, as this is pretty well under control), I flicked the channel to watch Knocked Up, took a ten minute breather and could feel my mind centring.  I find it quite funny thinking about how beside myself I was, and how frenetic my actions would have seemed to a casual observer.  I clearly shouldn’t watch Hoarders ever again – especially when my life is in complete disarray!

Nancy in overdrive is a scary thought!



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4 responses to “Anxiety 101

  1. Hmmmm let me help, after oh….. 20 moves, some organozed, some not, listen
    to the expert

    -you attempt packing, and end up trying to purge unwanted stuff
    -perfectionist gene takes over and you only want to pack perfect boxes with
    your things that represent and are worthy for your new home
    – then you slowly get lazier and lazier until you last box is a bunch of
    cord, canned veggies and an assortment of pens.

    Here is your mantra crazy packer
    – you will pack
    – then you will move your crap
    – then you will unpac it ( or keep lots in boxes forever)
    – when you unpack you’ll purge again (completely unavoidable no matter how
    perfect your packing was)
    – then you will put your stuff away in your new house…. This “putting
    away” perfectly also gets lazy and you end up with new junk zones.

    Then if you “cleanse” your stuff every couple of months it just continues
    until eternity….

    Moral of the story… You can’t do it right.

  2. hehehehehe I will do some Nancy whispering at dinner tomorrow.

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