The 80’s Called

The 80s Called

.. and apparently they want their everything back. How the hell did they get my number? No, really.

 I really don’t think I’m that bad (Tigger would disagree), but I definitely have a penchant for most 80’s fashion, music, and children’s cartoons.  Fraggle Rock anyone?  I have more legwarmers then I care to admit, love neon and animal print, and am going through a serious Hall and Oates phase.  The one thing I don’t really have is the hair, or the shoulder pads – but seriously, those don’t look good any females.

Risky BusinessIn fashion, it’s common knowledge that many ‘new’ fashion trends are just the re-emergence of the fashion of a by gone era.  So in practice, many things that were once cool in the 80’s really are in again.  Ray Bans anyone?  The infamous Wayfarer worn by Tom Cruise in Risky Business is pretty much ubiquitous these days.  Same goes for Leggings, Oversized tops and Large Jewellery (especially earrings).  This is definitely not just my own preference, although I maybe latch onto the specific decade more than others.

Thinking about my 80s obsession got me wondering about other (more terrible) fashion trends from the past, and if they will ever make a resurgence:

Pacifier Necklaces It’s possible that the Raver community still sports these, but let’s be honest, Ravers don’t count.

Rat-tails – Well, Layfaette on True Blood seems to have one, and he is nothing if not Fashion Forward for Cross-Dresser from the Deep South.  *Eyebrow Raise*

Backwards Clothing – Thank you, Kriss Kross, for this little embarrassing nugget of 90’s fashion history.

Velour Track Suits – Really? I would maybe forgive this as ‘laze around the house’ clothes, maybe.  I’m looking at you, Jessica Simpson.

Crocs/Uggs – I realize these two types of footwear are both very different and unfortunately still very apparent in today’s street wear.  Shame on you all.

Did I miss any big offenders?



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4 responses to “The 80’s Called

  1. What about the giant baggy men’s suits of the ’80s or the polyester leisure suits of the ’70s?

  2. You’re spot on with the 80’s baggy suits – but I think that Leisure Suits have a certain appeal to them 😉 Maybe its just me!

  3. Great post… I was just lamenting the 80s resurgence, too. My post mentioned wayfarers, topsiders, lacoste shirts… Can’t believe both of us forgot PARACHUTE PANTS…. Here’s mine, hope you like –

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