Triple Header

I’m getting too old for this nonsense!  Three nights of heavy drinking and little to no sleep make Nancy a broken girl.  Now, it’s not like anyone was twisting my arm here, and I did have an amazing weekend, but I’m a bit worse for wear on this particularly evil Monday afternoon!

Toronto Pride, Canada Day and a Double-Bachelorette party all landed on this past long weekend, and I took every occasion as a reason to celebrate – hard.  I hit Church Street with my boys (and Eleanor) on both Thursday and Friday night, happily combining our National celebration with supporting my friends into an overwhelming ‘Happy Canada Gay!’  I then peeled myself out of my bed on Saturday morning, having only had a brief visit with my pillow, and headed to Billy Bishop Airport to grab my Porter flight to Montreal.

I landed in Montreal as a shadow of my former self, with a tensor-bandaged ankle (not so graceful exit from a bar on Friday night), deep dark circles under my eyes and a general feeling of nausea that I carried with me to dinner.  Thankfully, I was able to tuck my well deserved hangover into the back of my mind and turn it on for a third straight night of drinking, dancing and general debauchery.  The trip to the male strip joint somewhere around 2am was the perfect end to the party – even though I giggled through the entire experience.

Very Fashion Forward

As I sat on my friend Blondie’s balcony having a nightcap (you know, at around 4am) of Champagne and Elderberry juice, I had to admit I was shocked that I had survived the weekend so unscathed.   Jillian and I ended the weekend with a beautiful afternoon in the Thousand Islands – complete with some misadvenutres on the Francis Family’s new boat!  Now I’m back in Toronto and back in action for the work week, with only a slight limp, an embarrassingly hoarse voice but the glow of knowing I still have it in me to be the life of the party.  At least until about 5am when I turn into a pumpkin.



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4 responses to “Triple Header

  1. I wonder if that blue tensor bandage comes in zebra print?

  2. If you come back from Montreal unscathed, you’ve been reading the wrong guidebook!

    • I was only there for a single evening, and I was already a little worse for wear. My voice still isn’t back to its usual pitch, so I’ll blame that on MTL 😉

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