Impulse Purchasing

I went shopping this afternoon with Jillian for an extended lunch, and it was marvellous.  We had some time to catch up, as I hadn’t seen her since she left on her fabulous trip to Portugal, and just generally gossip about life over the past two weeks (read: me talking incessantly about the house and packing)!  I suggested we head up to the Eaton Centre, as I had an errand to run at the Bookstore.  I needed to replace a gift that was given to me by my sister Sandy for Christmas this past year, which I just sold to some stranger off Kijiji.

Hold on to your judging hats for a second.  I didn’t just sell my gift off for cash, I was using the profits of the sale to upgrade to a newer version!  Sandy had given me the Kobo WiFi eReader for Christmas, which I instantly cherished as I’m a big reader.  Well, I’m a big reader sometimes, I definitely go through phases.  Anywho, I do really really love actual paper books, but they are expensive and a pain to store.  The Kobo totally solves this.  Well, not totally.

The Kobo is definitely fabulous, as it is extremely light, easy on the eyes (through the magic of eInk) and stores up to a thousand books!  My Kobo was also wildly fashionable because Sandy also included a leather Roots case in hot pink! The one area that it falls short is the page turn speed.  I’ve mentioned this to a few people who then insinuated that I was being a princess –  “Oh, you poor thing.  Your electronic books don’t change pages for you fast enough? Do they at least get your coffee orders correct?” – you get the drill.  While it may seem small, its actually hugely irritating, especially if you’re in the middle of what is ironically (in this context) referred to as a page turner.

I had decided that the page turning issue wasn’t enough to make me fall out with my Kobo, so I continued to fill it with many books I was only too eager to read – at least when the mood strikes me, ok?  But then, they released the Kobo Touch!  Now, I’m the first to admit that touch screen capability is 100% unnecessary when it comes to the electronic book market.  Using one button really isn’t that cumbersome.  However, after reading some reviews and marketing materials, I discovered that apparently I was not alone in my disappointment over paging turning speed and that the Kobo Touch had addressed that issue! While not instantaneous, the Touch version boasts a magnificently increased page turning speed.  Swoon.

This brings me to selling off my Christmas Gift.  I decided that this new release of the Kobo was definitely for me, and that I was going to need to upgrade.  Seeing as it’s a new hardware feature, its not like I could just download some new software and start poking at the screen.  I thought the whole process through, posted an Ad on Kijii and emailed Sandy.  Thankfully, Sandy totally understood my dilemma, and realized that this was definitely not a slight on her well thought out gift.   I met some dude on the corner of King and Yonge on Wednesday night, and exchanged my Kobo enclosed in my beloved pink leather case for cash.  How entrepreneurial.

So off Jillian and I go to Chapters today to pick up my new Kobo Touch!  I really wanted to hit the bookstore today because I’m about 10 pages away from the end of the second book in the Hunger Games Trilogy, and I do not yet own the final instalment.  The first two novels I had purchased in hardcopy with a gift certificate I received from Sandy last summer for my Birthday (are we seeing a pattern? Sandy buys me nice things), and I was just going to download the third book to read off my new toy.

I saw the Kobo Touches on display and eagerly played with one, showing Jillian the ropes  – because, you know, its functionality isn’t wildly apparent, right?  I skipped over to the display of Kobo cases and tragedy struck – There aren’t any pink… or purple, or even turquoise cases available for the new Kobo yet!  Well, yes there are actually, but not in the ‘sleeve’ style that I so enjoy.  I hummed and hawed over which of the muted tones I would hate the least:  Grey, White, Black or Beige.  Really, Beige? I grabbed the Black one, although I wasn’t happy about it.  Jillian could tell I wasn’t pleased with the available selection and tried to find me a better option, but alas, no vibrant colours (either than a really repulsive orange).

What marketing genius chose BEIGE?

I was about to admit defeat and head to the counter with my black leather case, but Jillian talked some sense into me.  I still have a pile of physical books to read, I don’t need the new Kobo today, and they will probably come out with new cases soon (the product only came out this week).  Decision made, I would just pick up the one final hardcover book and patiently await my pink sleeve to appear!  Off we marched to the Best Seller (read: Teen) section to collect my very own copy of Mockingjay.  I left confident that I’d made the right decision. 

Yup, that’s right.  Colour dilemmas aren’t just for clothes and shoes anymore, your books can be fashionable too.



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2 responses to “Impulse Purchasing

  1. melissa denyes

    Sheesh, I would have totally talked you into it and told you you could upgrade your sleeve to pink when they come out….. Kinda like when I approved your hot pink chair purchase.

    Then I could have had your bokos! PS is that why they call it a kobo? Book scrambled?

  2. Never thought of the scrambled word for book!

    I’m actually surprised you didn’t convince me to buy it AND to get sleeves in different colours to match my outfits 😉

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