Something has to be Said

Really? Is that really how you react to losing a HOCKEY GAME Vancouver? You should all be hanging your heads in shame today.  Now I realize that the few thousand rioters in Vancouver by no means represent the great people of that city, or the majority of its fans. However, it is still a shameful situation for Canadians across the country.  Actually, we should all hang our heads in shame in a show of the National Embarrassment we are all shouldering due to the events in Downtown Vancouver last night.

It’s no secret that I’m not a Hockey fan.  Frankly, I’m not a sports fan at all.  Actually when my sister Sandy put on her Facebook status this week ‘Hello Boston, see you Wednesday’ I thought she was taking a trip to the beautiful city of Boston, and I was jealous.  My mistake.  So, its not surprising that when I turned on the news last night and saw rioters lighting cars on fire, being gassed out of public areas while surrounded by riot police, I assumed this was taking place somewhere in the Middle East.  You know, where they have real political problems.  Not just some sore losers taking the loss of a hockey game out on the Police, downtown Retailers and the city itself.

This is because of a HOCKEY game? Grow up people.

 While not a fan myself, I do understand that fans put a lot of themselves into supporting their teams and coming this close to victory and losing would be disheartening.  I would expect some rowdy crowds – or images shown from Toronto last nigh, of sullen people quietly leaving the public areas they were watching the game.  Now, I’m not saying the people of Toronto are above this kind of behaviour (G20 anyone?), nor that that would act any different given the circumstances.  I’m just hoping that’s the case.  I just can’ fathom for the life of me, what would cause this kind of turmoil.  Certainly it can’t be a little black puck being unceremoniously batted around on some ice, right?

There are definitely those people that come out of the woodworks during events like this.  People that thrive on public unrest, who like to egg on a crowd and turn upset into something coming from a much darker place.  It’s these people that put a black mark on society and, in turn, make us all look bad. 

Anyone recognize that face? With any luck he's lining up for his Mug Shot right now.

To the good people of Vancouver: I’m sorry you lost your chance at the Stanley Cup, but I’m even more sorry that you lost reputation and dignity.   I hope you have an opportunity in the near future to show the World again what a beautiful and harmonious city you really are.


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One response to “Something has to be Said

  1. On the flip side, we do need to change our sissy image to the rest of the world.

    Here it is… we can riot like the rest of em!

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