Nancy has a Hangover

Jessica's Stellar Memorabilia

I believe the pain I’m feeling right now is a direct result of my 16 year old self kicking my ass.  That, or I just drank too much beer last night… at the NKOTBSB concert!  That’s right, not just one but – gasp!two boy bands, on one stage, in a harmonious blend of sparkles and hip thrusts.  It was actually phenomenal.  No joke.

My friends Ashlee and Jessica (sisters, equally as fabulous, if not more than the famous Simpsons) had an extra ticket and extended the invite to me, which I quickly accepted.  I met up the ladies on a patio prior to the show, to grab some food and start plying myself with alcohol. 

My ears are still Ringing

Now let me digress a bit, and address why my 16 year old self is so irritated with me right now.  Back in 1998, I was a fresh faced youth, full of promise – and a lot of attitude.  I considered myself to live well off the mainstream path, as I was obviously a unique and infinitely interesting creature.  I hated boy bands. I also had purple hair periodically.  Instead, I loved all things Punk Rock and spent a significant amount of my time at live shows.  Concerts were my happy place.  So understandably so, that renegade version of myself could never – I mean NEVER – picture herself signing along to Back Street Boys songs and giddily snapping photos everytime the cute ones were on her end of the stage.  I think I just got punched in the stomach by her again.

Did I mention how Awesome our Seats were!

I’ve got to hand it to those boys though, they know how to entertain the ladies.  The hyper choreographed booty shakes and hip thrusts even made me swoon a little, and the costume changes were nothing short of fabulous.  I particularly enjoyed the last number that was a mash up of BSB’s Everbody and NKOTB’s Hangin’ Tough that was staged as a sing off, with the boys dressed in sparkly team jerseys.  Wish I could share photos of that moment, but my picture taking abilities had severely depreciated by then and I only have blurred crowd shots.  Such is life.


Oh, and the stage was shaped like a penis.



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5 responses to “Nancy has a Hangover

  1. Clueless

    Great post! Maybe your 16 year old self is thanking you now for exposing her to new, fun music?

  2. I have a couple girl friends who are going to this concert. I was never a fan of either group, but I would definitely go if they were coming to town.

    • Well I can soundly assure you it is a good hour or so of entertainment. I feel as though my dignity might never fully restore itself, but that was never going to happen anyway.

  3. I really loved Jon… yes, my 9 year old self, loved the absolutely oldest New Kid….. what is so new about a (I think 28 yr old man?)

    “hang tough”

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