Off the Beaten Path

In the Spring and Summer I sometimes like to take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk downtown to work.  It also saves me from the wrath of the TTC.   

Depending on the route I take, it can be anywhere from a 5.5 – 6 kilometre journey through the city.  I tried a few different routes last year, but most often would shoot along St. Clair West to Avenue (sometimes meet up with Jillian), head south and then follow Davenport to Bay.  From there I could weave my way south and east to my office, without much ability for fresh routes.  This tried and true path takes just over an hour, and is through busy enough streets that I’m kept fairly entertained with People watching and jogger dodging.

This morning, since I wasn’t meeting Jillian (who is off frolicking in Portugal), I decided to see what route my iPhone suggested.   Apparently, I would be able to cut my journey down to 5.3 kilometres if I headed south on Spadina and veered through Roycroft Park.  Parks – not my favourite places.  Now, those who know me will assume this is because of my general detest for the out-of-doors, but that’s not really the case or at least not the main point.  People get robbed, murdered, raped or just scared out of their wits in Parks.  At least that’s what happens in movies, and on Rescue 911 (WHY did my parents let me watch that when I was a kid?).  Because of this, I have a somewhat intense fear about being in Parks, especially alone.  Please don’t tell the Independent Women’s Council, I might be banned for life.

Roycroft Park, Sir Winston Churchill Park, Glen Edyth Wetlands

A city Built in a Park


I decided to grow some balls this morning and headed into the Park.  I, of course, took some precautionary measures first:  took my earphones out so I couldn’t be snuck up on, took my sunglasses off so I appeared more alert, and had my cellphone in hand.  I was ready for the criminal element to come out of the woods. 

I was happy to see that the path, although very quiet, did actually have some other patrons this morning – two bikers and two joggers.  Although, these other occupants stared at me like I had a third eye.  I guess walking doesn’t count as real exercise to these Alpha-exercisers, so my presence and actions seemed foreign to them.  Or maybe I had something on my face.

In the end, I’m glad I took this detour.  During the short period of time I was actually on the path, I passed through Sir Winston Churchill Park, Glen Edyth Wetlands and the Roycroft Park & Wetlands.  It’s amazing how you can be in a booming Metropolis like Toronto, and can see no evidence of Urban life.  The air was fresh, the scenery was top-notch, and the criminals were either still asleep or actually not there at all!



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2 responses to “Off the Beaten Path

  1. Hehehe, I love fears, I love when people face them. I am surprised you didn’t have a “walking stick” or “mace” in your purse…

    maybe you should get a rape whistle?

  2. Haha, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d had a rape whistle if I’d planned on going through the park – but as this was a last minute decision I was ill prepared.

    Maybe I should invest in a whistle though? I’m pretty sure there are some parks to traverse in order for me to enjoy the beauty of Ashbridges Bay!

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