Feline Marketing Board

Is it really any wonder that some people don’t like cats?  For those unfortunate souls that didn’t grow up in a Feline-friendly environment, its possible that their only opinions of the Domestic Cat are siphoned from the black hole of Popular Media.  Cats in film and television are generally displayed as the most callous, aloof and destructive animals while Dogs are ‘mans best friend’, always manage to help out the humans they share a screen with and appear to be innately magnanimous creatures.   

While I’m a lover of all domesticated animals myself, I think cats should go on the offensive to prevent their public image from being soiled by the likes of these common Celebrity Cats:

 The Stupid Cat – Christmas light chewer from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

The Snobby Cat – Siamese twins from Lady and the Tramp


The Over Trained Cat – Jinxy from Meet the Parents


Maybe some cat loving humans should construct a Cat Marketing Board, similar to that of the Milk Marketing Board, to justify the publicity.  Then our Television, Radio and Magazines could be filled with advertisements about the benefits of Cats.  Although, there doesn’t appear to be much to borrow from the Milk and Cheese promotions that we’re all familiar with.  I don’t think either ‘Cat, does a body good’ or a Cat Moustache ad campaign would really do the trick.  Maybe an ad showing a Cat sitting on a couch that they haven’t destroyed, catching unwanted rodents and disposing of the entire carcass, or proving that their ability to sleep for 17 hours will, in fact, let you sleep through the night in peace?

Maybe they should just lobby for less stereotypical roles in movies? Or, they could come up with a catchy slogan like ‘Cats are just Dogs minus the Drool’ or could stage a Feline Rights campaign and insinuate that dog lovers are just racist – or would that be species-ist?

I clearly haven’t come up with a solution myself yet, but I assure you that my cat, Prince William, is doing his best to alleviate these sterotypes and set the record straight about his Feline compatriots.  Well, except for the his few bad habits which include destroying furniture, meowing incessantly, waking me up at 3am because he needs more room on my pillow and begging constantly for Catnip.  He’s my Prince 😉



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4 responses to “Feline Marketing Board

  1. My mom loathed cats and we were both allergic. But when my little brother came home with Smudge tucked in his overalls…matted toddler curls + overalls + kitten = helpless. When that cat died 17 years later, my mother was a puddle on the floor. And she now loathes dogs.

    • My Father is of similar ilk. While he always allowed me to have cats, he would verbally annouce his general dislike for the animal. However, I’d often walk into a room and find him snuggling with the cat – who was then uncerimoniously dropped to the floor when my presence was felt. He also instituted the rule that when ever the dogs got cookies, the cat would get a treat.

      I think you have to be a cold and evil person to not melt at least a little around cats 😉

  2. This happens to be my favourite post of yours btw!

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