Less is More

I spend about 80% of my day right now thinking about moving and other general house stuff.  I sleep the other 20%.  Either than the logistics of the move itself, I’m really caught up in the whole idea of cleanliness and organization and how I’d like to improve in both of these areas.  

I’m what you would call a Clutter Bug.  I’m not down right messy, but its really hard for anything to look sufficiently clean when there are still a billion things on every counter.  I firmly have my parents to blame for this, as they keep everything and their style of décor is definitely.. well, busy.  Don’t get me wrong, my Parents have a beautiful home which is remarkably well decorated (why didn’t I get that gene?) and well kept, but there aren’t any clear surfaces anywhere.  Case in point: The Kitchen Table.  There is always a vase with fresh flowers, a fruit bowl, an antique cigarette box, a photo and a pile of mail on one end.  Always. This cluttery feeling is very homey to me and comfortable, but I think I need to get it under control a bit in my own environment.

My sister Sandy was infected with the Clutter Bug when she was younger, and then pretty much over night she sterilized her environment and hasn’t looked back.  Her homes have still had very warm touches to them, and there is definitely evidence of life everywhere, but its neat, clean and organized.  I want that. 

Jillian has this godly skill as well.  She apologized profusely about the ‘mess’ of her apartment when I was over last night, and either than a book or two lying around as evidence of where she spends her time, I honestly could see no mess.

Nancy, on the other hand, is drowning in stuff.  I love everything, and have a big difficulty throwing out little memories.  I’m not a hoarder, not even close, but I have enough of everything to satisfy a large family – not just one lone lioness.  Jillian and Eleanor went through my closet earlier this year and I chucked about 50 pounds of clothing, the closets didn’t show evidence of the lightened load.

My cluttery ways are not just inflicted on my home environment either, I definitely have a busy workspace as well.  So much so that my boss recently threatened to make me move to a new desk just to force me to have to purge some of my stuff while packing.  I quickly spent that afternoon tidying up and throwing away a lot of the ‘stuff’ that I usually just have pinned to my board or lying on my desk.  To give you an idea of my desk environment today:









I think I’ve made some progress.  Lets hope I do a better job at my new house!



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3 responses to “Less is More

  1. I t hink it is going to help now that you’ll have a lot of your own space.
    Maybe you should make a shoe closet… like a whole PAX wardrobe system for shoes..

    I would be very envious.. or a laaarrrggge proper bookshelf.. you just need to spend about $2000 on organization tools..

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