I’m not Stupid, Really!

TV JunkieDespite the fact that I’m well educated and of reasonable intelligence, my TV watching habits would most definitely make you think otherwise.  Yes, I’m one of those.

I like Reality Shows and cheesy primetime Dramas.  I even watch shows that are meant for a younger age group *cough*90210*cough*.  I think I just love TV in general because the act of watching TV for me is the only time I actually shut down.  If I’m lying on the couch in a puddle of relaxation, I’m in heaven.  Normally my cat, Prince William, is with me – he gets his bad habits from his Mother.

The funny thing is, while watching shows like the Bachelorette, I’m fully aware of how mindless the entertainment value is.  Lets be frank, I watch that show for the eye candy – not for the over 50% of each episode that is either a review of what just happened or a preview of what’s about to happen after the break.  Yet I still watch it, normally with the company of Eleanor and my Mother, Peggy.  All three of us squirm at the awkward moments and yell at the guys when they’re being jerks.  What is this compulsion to care so much about something so trivial?

I actively look forward to my shows.  I set the PVR in advance, and can list the days of the week based on the shows that air that evening – likewise with the Seasons of the year:

  • Summer? True Blood! 
  • Fall? Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and Glee!
  • Winter? The Bachelor
  • Spring? The Bachelorette!!! 

I could go on.  More often then not, I end up catching up on all my shows in one swoop while hungover on the weekend.  Stimulus overload – sort of.

I haven’t even mentioned my guiltiest of pleasures yet – MTV.  Laguna Beach, The Hills and The City were like a triple scoop, double chocolate dipped cone for me – and I don’t even have a sweet tooth.  Why oh why were the cancelled?  The Real World, the original reality show, is still a must-see, no matter how crappy it gets.  Then there is this little show about some Italians and some pseudo-Italians from New Jersey.  You may have heard of it.

Don’t judge me, I already judge myself enough!



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5 responses to “I’m not Stupid, Really!

  1. I get stuck watching wierd documentaries about labradorite, or David Suzuki… or …. Road to Avonlea ….. ahem

  2. You and my wife would get along just fine. She’s a librarian and has a graduate degree and is constantly reading weighty books and going to plays and listening to classical music and then she’ll watch those terrible reality shows.

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