Tea Makes me Angry

Your Mom TeaHear me out, I’m not trying to be dramatic.  I think I’ve become a Pavlov type experiment in Detox/Cleansing. 

Over the past three years, I’ve completed a proper cleanse once year – twice with the aid of a Naturopath, and the final time with a store bought product and armed with the knowledge from my past experiences.  I generally do the fairly hard core Cleanses (at least they are hardcore in my opinion!) that involve no booze, caffeine, wheat, soy, dairy, red meat, sugar, tomatoes, corn etc. etc. etc. for 12-15 days.  The first time I tried this I found the process pretty rough, and couldn’t figure out what to eat.  I definitely have it down to a science now and can recommend some pretty good meal plans for anyone that wants to try it.  Hint: Quinoa is your friend.

The one thing that I miss and crave consistently throughout the process is Coffee.  This is a bit funny because I’m not a huge coffee drinker – One cup a day during the week, and often no coffee on the weekends.  That very first day of cleansing though, an urge for coffee runs through my system and never seems to leave.  I also generally get headaches for the first few days of the cleanse.  I originally thought that the headaches were from caffeine withdrawal, which seemed impossible because of my low intake of caffeine.  However, after trying a low carb diet this year, I’ve determined that the nasty headaches are due to my body’s addiction to refined sugars.  Joy.

I generally feel amazing (once the headaches pass) during a cleanse.  I practically leap out of bed in the morning, have an unusual amount of energy and just feel overwhelmingly healthy.  Losing a few pounds is the process, while not the goal, is a pleasant bonus.

The one interesting side effect that seems to have stuck with me, is my response to drinking tea.  It actually effects my mood enough to make me tangibly angry.  Yes, tea makes me angry.  I can only figure that it’s a response to the fact that the only time I’ve really drank tea in the last 5 years is when I HAD too because I was on a cleanse.  I don’t respond to ultimatums very well, and while this is a self imposed ultimatum, it happens to be the only reasonable solution I can come up with to explain my response to tea.  If reasonable even applies here, that is.

In an effort to help change my anger-by-beverage response, my sister Sandy has sent me a package of tea that smells like Popcorn.  I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m going to wait until I’m already in a good mood and am craving popcorn.  Maybe I can reverse the effects by fooling my olfactory system?

In a related story, my new boss is trying to set some ground rules to our professional relationship in an alarmingly micro-managing sense.  After years on an incredibly long leash, I’ll hazard at guess that this technique isn’t going to do very much to my productivity.  I’ll keep you posted.


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16 responses to “Tea Makes me Angry

  1. Sandy was thinking. Popcorn scented tea? Can I have some?

  2. Most definitely- Sandy will probably want proof that I’ve tried it!

  3. Cerdig

    Tea affects my moods – makes me very irritable, a bit irrational. It’s so bad that I avoid it, but sometimes I give in to temptation and usually end up regretting it. Very frustrating as I much prefer tea to coffee. I suspect there is something in tea that we are allergic too.

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  5. Bruce

    I also get irritable, impatient, and angry when I drink tea.

  6. Janis

    I just had tea and I am so irritable and thought I would google to see if it is an actual thing and, to my surprise….it is! No more tea for this girl!

  7. Tea turns me into a raging jerk! Coffee, energy drinks, yerba mate, caffeine pills: fine – I’m awake and managing my tasks efficiently. A cuppa? Suddenly I’m yelling at my loved ones.

  8. Shanti

    Oh my gosh, I’m not alone. I want to kill someone if i drink tea! Coffee is no prob.

  9. Joey

    I find when working and stressed that I have a compulsion to drink a lot of tea and I only ever drink it without additives. I tend to be averse to childish things and adulterants like milk and sugar.

    When I run out of green tea and switch to the black tea on hand, the effect this has is extreme. It’s intense and discernible rather than one of those subtle feelings you aren’t really sure about that seems to be on the tip of your senses. It is reproducible to the point of being able to make a definite association.

    Internally I will be completely enraged. My mood will be absolutely and perpetually furious over basically nothing at all. I would describe it as being very very angry. Externally, I obviously try not to show it too much and it comes off more like irritability. It’s not really something external that sets it off and there’s no overwhelming compulsion like when you are made angry normally. It’s just the pure feeling of anger and rage on its own.

    Combined with high levels of stress and mental excitement during the night when trying to sleep it can lead to a horrific state of anxiety, turmoil and restlessness. It leaves the mind in a state of hysteria. Stick to green tea or something mild.

  10. Kathy

    Tea makes me angry, too.

    I have a delayed response to drinking it, so it took me a while to realize I have this problem.

    Looking back, I realize tea might have made me irritable in my teen years.

    I am 70, now, and I become unhinged.

    If I drink it in the evening, the reaction might be the next day. Coffee doesn’t seem to have this effect

    I miss tea.

    Thanks so much for starting this discussion.

  11. I’m late to the party – but I thought I’d drop my two cents. I’m a huge tea drinker, and CERTAIN tea gives me the intense, inexplicable, frustration you all mention. I haven’t been able to narrow down the reasons – nor even a brand or type!

    Just yesterday, I made a new kind of Earl Gray – and oh the irritability…

    It’s funny too, I can’t isolate it to Earl Gray, as I certainly have had other brands without issue.

    I have noticed that The Republic of Tea Brand tea (comes in fancy-looking aluminum tins at the grocer’s) has never made me irritable that I know of. Even their High Caf variants. I carry their mini-tin with me everywhere for a quick pick-me-up.

    Hopefully this helped someone!

    PS: As a sidenote, MOST coffee also seems to make me irritable.

  12. Daniel S

    same here, and its not caffeine. I have taken caffeine by itself, in coffee, in guayuana with the the stimulation of caffeine but no irritable anger. If I drink green tea, I get this weird edge resulting in an anxiety distinct from the caffeine.

  13. i have drank Tea every single day since my teen years and I am in late 40’s now. In recent years, I have become much more healthier than ever before. I am realizing that when ever I drink Tea, I get mean with people around me – usually my mother and my daughter – people who love me dearly. I never realized that this is what Tea is doing to me but I think now that I am much more healthier than before I am able to make association of drinking tea with Anger… i love and enjoy drinking a hot cup of tea but I must figure out a way to replace that as I regret so much when I am mean to people.

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