Time Management

I’m generally pretty punctual.  Actually, I prefer to be a few minutes early because I tend to get pretty panicky if I’m going to be a few minutes late.  I’m definitely one of those people who will call or text to warn that I will be there at 12:02, not right at 12 as had been arranged.  I don’t really know where this habit came from (certainly not my Father), but I do know that I truly hate the idea of people waiting around for me.  In contrast, if I have plans to be somewhere but not at a specific time – ie. A party – I generally arrive on the later side, which is technically not late.

While knowing that people are waiting for me makes me really uneasy and possibly higher strung than usual, waiting around for people who are routinely late absolutely enrages me.  My friend Tigger is a serial offender in this department. 

Tigger is a bit of a free spirit and is best described as a ‘Fart in a Windstorm.’  It amazes me sometimes that he manages to hold down a job, keep his finances in order, or even get up in the morning.  Responsibility seems to come as a bit of a shock to him, and any failures on his part are always a culprit of his environment never just his own poor planning.  Punctuality, to say the least, is not his Forte.

Every time Tigger shows up late, he brings with him a whirlwind of excuses that almost always involves the evil Subway.  Now, I get it, the subway can be very unpredictable and does, from time to time, have significant delays.  What I don’t understand is how the Subway never makes me late, like ever.  Maybe twice in 6 years.  It’s definitely not that I don’t ride the subway often, because I do – my Metropass is my monthly ticket to Freedom. 

Furthermore, even if the Subway had legitimately made me five minutes late, I would probably still be on time.  Am I the only one that builds in tiny buffers when travelling to a destination? I know the concept is foreign to Tigger in particular.  If it *should* take him 15 minutes to get somewhere, he goes flying out the door barely dressed with about 13 minutes to spare.  In Tigger’s mind, he’s left on time.  So when he gets to the subway and the GPS indicates that the next Subway will be arriving in 2 minutes, it’s now automatically the Rocket’s fault that he is five minutes late for work.  The mind boggles.

This was essentially the scene yesterday and the source of this RANT.  Korean and I sat waiting for Tigger, so we could all attend a particularly important meeting at the bank.  He ran through the bank doors about 12 minutes late, after many proclamations to be there early, sputtering excuses about a delay on the subway.  The evil Subway strikes again.

Tigger has offered a partial solution: I should just start showing up late when I’m meeting him, so that I don’t have to wait around.  This is exactly like when my extremely messy University roommate told me, in a retort to me asking to have dishes placed in the kitchen upon completion, that I should start leaving things lying around so that she would feel more comfortable.  Thankfully for Tigger, I respect him too much for other reasons to have his tardiness be anything more than a now humours annoyance.

Jillian – I know you’re going to say he’s a P and I’m never going to understand this part of him because I’m clearly a J 😉 However,  I  reserve the right to rant about it from time to time!



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3 responses to “Time Management

  1. I am on your side, that makes me crazy.

    It is like, some people like apologies, I don’t give them…. I am punctual.. you have that okay?!

  2. Haha, well I’m glad you agree. What bugs me the most is that the only time I am actually running 2-5 minutes late is when I’m meeting YOU – pretty much the only person I know that is guaranteed to be there on time! blargh.

  3. You can be up to 15 minutes late before I am angry.
    But if you say you’re going to be late (which you always txt or email) then I don’t consider that late.

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