I’m Published!


Campaign Cabinet 2011

Slightly Altered to Protect my Fragile Identity 😉


Don’t get too excited – clearly my blog isn’t publishable anywhere but the wonderful world of WordPress.  However, my beautiful mug is featured in a United Way advertisement in the front section of the Globe and Mail in Toronto today!!  I’m practically famous.

 The other people featured in the spread all have titles along the lines of ‘President’, ‘CEO’, or ‘President & CEO.’  You know, just slightly more important than my own long winded, narrowly above entry level position title.  Not intimidating at all.  I also had to present to this group this morning.  Bring on the nervous sweats.

Public speaking has never really been my forte, but it doesn’t normally make me this nervous either.  I kept getting distracted by the cumulative wealth contained in the Boardroom – extreme wealth makes me very uneasy. 

As per my usual MO, I was wildly unprepared and was forced to bring notes to the podium.  I was also presenting with another individual, and was speaking second, which leaves you with that uncomfortable period of time where you stare at the crowd, smile politely when appropriate, and try not to fidget.  I think in the five minute span before it was my turn, I managed to cough four times, scratch my head at least thrice, and shift from hip to hip more times then I care to remember.  Amateur.

I succeeded to stumble my way through my talking points, trying to slow down my usual breakneck pace, only visibly slipping up once.  I gave a curt nod as an acceptance of my applause and sashayed myself back to my chair.  I think I was too nervous to even blush.  Thank God that’s over. 

Now I can get back to basking in my new found fame and worrying about the usual nonsense that clutters my existence 😉



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3 responses to “I’m Published!

  1. I believe you should run for office now. 😉

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