Early Morning Overdraft

Panic ButtonNancy had a bit of a rough start this morning.  Was lying in bed, checking my emails and noticed a slew of messages from Mint.com indicating that there had been unusual large transactions in my chequing account, fees had been charged, and I was now in overdraft.  WHAT?

Ran to the computer and logged into my banking account.  It looked as though someone had tried to email money transfer $1,000 out of my account, had cancelled it, and then had done it again successfully – and now I was in the hole for $128 bucks.  Great. Just bought a house and now my bank has been compromised.  Managed to wake up my roommate Eleanor by yelling at the monitor, asking it who had been taking my money. 

Got on the horn to my bank within seconds and explained the situation.  As it turns out, security department doesn’t start up until 7:30am (and it was only 7), so they froze my online account and told me to call back. 

I jump in the shower and a million things are running through my head:

  • Did I lose my bank card? Nope, right here
  • How would someone get my online password? Had I left my work computer logged in (highly likely)
  • But Don’t you need a special access code (not a pin) to send email money transfers? I barely know that number and definitely no one else does!
  • Wait a minute, don’t you get an email response when an email money transfer is accepted by the recipient?  Could they have changed my email address as well
  • Who could have access to my account?!?

As I washed the conditioner out of my hair, it dawned on me – Mom.  

My Mother has had access to my account for years, which started with her having to deposit my cheques for me in University.  So, prior to calling the security department and having them dig further, I called my Mom to see if she had made any transfers.  Apparently, she had, but she’d been having trouble having them go through (explains the two transactions and one refund).  She couldn’t figure out how she’d managed to transfer from my account instead of hers – did I want her to check now?  Yes Please, now. This is kind of important.

Turns out, that in the blizzard of banking decisions I’ve been making the past two weeks, one of them was to change my account type so I’d have unlimited transactions.  What hadn’t occurred to me until.. well now, was that by doing so, Mom and I now have the same account type.  Now, when she logs in there is no longer an obvious difference between her and my accounts.  Brilliant, gotta love online banking.

 So problem solved, heart rate down, slightly irritated Mother from the panicked phone calls.  Now the real question is, do I ask Mom to reimburse me the $1 for the eTransfer and the $5.00 for the Overdraft? I think I’ll just bite my tongue.



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3 responses to “Early Morning Overdraft

  1. Hehehehehe…. I had a weird dream about bank accounts this week… must have been having another prophetic dream about yours!

  2. It’s amazing how many little mistakes like this have happened with my banking over the years. It’s a good thing there isn’t much money in there for the bank to accidentally misplace.

    • Very true – there is normally not enough money in there to pose a risk.

      At least this time it was totally innocent on my part – unlike the time I left my bank card in the ATM and someone proceeded to wipe my account with three withdrawals! I’m so blonde.

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