Desk Jockey Antics

Office EmbarrassmentIt happens to everyone – at least I think it does.  I’m referring to awkward or embarrassing moments at the office.  I often misinterpret things people say and start giggling. Apparently, this is very unprofessional; especially since it’s normally the use of words like ‘box’ or ‘tool’.

This morning I decided to send an instant message to a co-worker, discussing a rather strange meeting I had just had with a Superior.  My brain obviously crossed wires, and I accidentally sent the message about my Superior TO my superior.  Gulp.  The good news is, it was easy to play off as meaning to pass the message about some interoffice news to another co-worker.  However, if I had worded anything differently, this could have been very bad.  I also feel like a massive idiot right now.

 To improve my mood a bit, I started to think about the more humorous things that have happened around my office recently.

  • My boss and I have a very good relationship and more often than not will spend our meetings discussing nothing but our personalities and social lives.  One day, I needed her to fill in a form for me due to a course I was taking.  She called me into her office, looking a bit embarrassed, and said she would need me to print out another form to fill in, as she had made a mistake.  In the relationship column, where you would expect to see Manager, she had written Mother!
  • I was in one of those all day department meetings that consist solely of back to back meetings – you know the type.  These days involve a careful balance of boredom, feigning interest, and trying not to fall asleep.  I was in a particularly deep state of zoning out when I heard the presenter (a Senior Manager) say that he would “wear out the knees in all his pants” for us.  Umm.  What?  I carefully darted my eyes around the room, and not a soul had reacted.  How could that not mean something sexual?
  • Having coworkers on Facebook is always a bit risky.  I try to keep this in mind when adding them as friends, and also when making any status updates or comments.  I recently went on a trip to Boston and had a slight tumble while I was there that resulted in a very large, very painful bruise on my bum (which Jillian has already referenced!).  I made a comment on Facebook about the injury, and was discussing it at work quietly with a few ladies.  I was in a big meeting later that day and a male co-worker walks up and said “Show me your bruise!”.  Awkward.  Had to explain it wasn’t in an ‘appropriate to show at work’ location and then had to field far too many questions about where the bruise was, and why it was there.
  • I’m a repeat offender on this one. You know when you’re saying hello to someone and add the usual “How are you”, which they respond with “I’m good, how are you?” Pretty cordial stuff, but since it’s such a common exchange, the initial greater sometimes flubs by adding on another “I’m great, how are you?”  Laughing normally ensues.  Similar to this situation, I have a usual goodbye type phrase when I’m speaking to someone on the phone that is along the lines of “Love you, bye!”  Really, really wish I would stop telling coworkers I loved them!  The worst is after you hang up and realize what you’ve said, wondering whether they’ve heard you or not!

To be honest, I’m surprised more embarrassing stuff doesn’t happen to me on a daily basis.  Although I did once hear over a Cube wall someone referring to ‘Pulling a Nancy’, which apparently means falling down.  Nice to know my reputation at work has more to do with my after bar antics then my work ethic.



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3 responses to “Desk Jockey Antics

  1. He actually said he’d wear out the knees in all of your pants?
    Are you kidding me????

    My colleague once told her manager that she was a full service employee hahahaha….

  2. Well not exactly – it was HIS pants he was wearing the knees out on. But still.

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