Nancy goes to Shoppers

 I would like to caveat my first foray into blogging with the fact that this particular vignette has already been feature on my dear friend Jillian’s Blog .  I’m stealing it back and republishing it as it is in fact  my story, my embarrassment, and my local Shopper’s Drugmart that were involved.  Plus, its already written and I’m lazy.

The following recounts a rather unfortunate occurrence in my lady business after a recent sojourn in Mexico (and NO, its not what you think).  Forgive the nature of the writing, but this was originally in the context of an email, that I wrote as the blush still ran rampant across my face and neck…

Was totally assuming I picked up something in Mexico until I googled my symptoms this morning – REALLY hoping no one checks the cache on my google for awhile!!!!

Anywho, I was just going to go buy the Canesten stuff, but pretty much everything I read said if it was your first one to go to the Doc. So off I went, and how friggen useless was that visit. She just took my symptoms and agreed with me that I have ‘thrush’ (which Horses get in their feet, by the way – FABULOUS). Didn’t take a look, swab or ANYTHING.

I leave the clinic with a prescription and I drag myself to Shopper’s only to find out that its an over the counter product (WTF? why didn’t she just tell me that?). Things start looking up – there’s a coupon!! $3 off! AND it’s on SALE!!! $15.99 instead of $21.49. Thrilled. Get downstairs to pay, HUGE lineup. Let my mild hangover wash over me as I wait about ten minutes for a cash and am a complete zombie by the time I reach the cash. Through the haze I think I hear something about $25 dollars, so I check my receipt on the way out and I was charge like $25 something. WTF.

Normally I’d let it slide, but thats a pretty big difference. I march back upstairs (whom I kidding? I took the escalator), and double check the signage – was definitely a possibility I just misunderstood the pricing. Nope, The scanned price was like $25 bucks, which didn’t match the shelf price, and clearly didn’t match my sale price. Back downstairs to join the massive lineup. Again.

I finally get to the cash and explain the error – the cashier informs me that I must have read the wrong price label and doesn’t seem to care. A ha! In a stroke of brilliance I had taken a photo, which helped to at least motivate the women to hop on the escalator herself and check out the situation (can’t they just call ‘merchandising’ or something over the loud speaker to make someone else do this?). Side Note: This is where the line behind me starts to get REALLY long.

Thankfully the cashier returns quickly with the price sticker confirming my story. At this point, I decide to just go for it and tap the sign next to the cashier that states the ‘Scanning Code of Practice’. Little known fact, but if an item is scanned and comes up as higher than the shelf labelled price you are entitled to get the item for FREE if its under $10 or get a $10 discount! I think the idea is that there is a large amount of trust involved in scanning, and this compensates for trust issues… or something. Regardless, I only knew about it because I was bored in a line up once (similar to the one that was forming behind me, ironically enough) and read the posted signage. Thankfully, the cashier knows exactly what I’m talking about and starts to process the refund/new transaction.

This is where everything gets horribly embarrassing for little old me. Little old INFECTED me. Remember, I’m at Shopper’s thanks to some questionable Mexican antibiotics and am purchasing CANESTEN. Its not like there is any other reason to buy this product – so most people in the line up behind me would be aware that I’m currently a little worse for wear. And there’s a big ick factor involved. I’m pretty much trying to avoid eye contact, but some of these people are right on top of me and are loudly lamenting about the lineup – which is now partially my fault, so I spit out some apologies and try to joke about it clearly being a bad day already for me.

I incorrectly assumed that the refund/purchase transaction would be quick and painless. I was horribly, horribly wrong. Over the next 5 minutes, two additional cashiers had to be called for assistance, the product was rang in more times then I care to remember, the box of canesten is passed back and forth a million times. I. Want. To. Die.

When she finally learns her job, after asking me for both my Optimum card and my Debit card about 14 times (stop handing them back!!), my new total comes to $3 and change – she remember the coupon with no prompting! So in the long run I saved about $22, lost 20 minutes or so of my life, and half the financial district knows I have a yeast infection.



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12 responses to “Nancy goes to Shoppers

  1. YAY!!!!!
    It was like reading it for the first time, I am so glad you’re a blogger!
    I need to get you a button or something!

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  4. You are hilarious and I could totally feel the embarrassment and frustration and ‘just get me out of here’ feeling you describe. I think it’s great when we let others in on those kinds of moments…we all have them!! Great post!

  5. Ps…meant to let you know I found you via Truth and Cake’s FP post [such a great idea!]

  6. HAHAHAHA!!! Great post! (I popped in from Truth and Cake)

  7. Hahaha! I’m also from Toronto and have also pushed for my refund from Shopper’s before, for the same scanning-malfunction reason (only a mascara, though). Kudos for getting that yeast infection cream free. $10 is $10…

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